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If you are anything like myself, you are so concentrated on getting to your favorite theme park attractions that you forget that as soon as you walk into the Magic Kingdom you are on Main Street which includes many attractions!  Since none of these attractions are the core thrill rides, I often did not even consider them attractions.  However, once I was a mom, life slowed a bit and I found the attractions on Main Street!  Here are a few that I regularly now enjoy:

1.  Shopping – My son and I love meandering through the various stores found on Main Street.  Of course, this attractions is rather pricey at time!  I love the Disney Dooney and Bourke handbags available on Main Street and they frequently change the patterns on the bags making for fun shopping each time I visit Main Street.

Disney Dooney and Bourke Handbag

Disney Dooney and Bourke Handbag

2.  Silhouettes – Get your profile made into a silhouette.  The process takes only moments and lasts a lifetime.  A great souvenir.

3.  Street Cars – There are many vehicle types on Main Street.  You can catch the cars as you enter the Main Street and take a leisurely ride all the way to the Central Plaza.  Some of the vehicles are motorized, while others are pulled by horse.  It is fun traveling by way of these vehicles and slowly riding down Main Street watching others enjoy their day!

4.  A bite to eat – There are several great places to grab a bite to eat.  You can get some ice cream from Ice Cream Parlor or a hot dog from Casey’s Corner.  While enjoying the hot dog, be sure to see if the piano player is outside playing a tune.

5.  Hair Cut – Getting your hair cut on Main Street can be a great attraction for anyone!  You can get glitter or just a trim but the experience is wonderful!

These are a few of the great attractions you can experience on Main Street. Recently a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse has been added.  I have not experienced seeing him there yet but hope to soon.  What are you favorite Main Street attractions?

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