Magic Kingdom Sword in the Stone Ceremony has Returned!


If you have even visited the Magic Kingdom, you might have noticed the Sword in the Stone located on the Cinderella Castle side of Prince Charming Regal Carousel.  A show using the Sword in the Stone back in 1994.  This show featured Merlin The show that used to take place ended many years ago and first opened in 1994. This show included the audience members but closed on August 15, 2006.

In recent years, the attraction has reopened.  While the attraction does not include Merlin, it does still feature the help of the audience.  Here are the details of the show:

The current show includes two cast members who explain that the Sword can only be pulled by a person with certain magical abilities. They tried the strength of two strong men before having a small girl try to pull the sword. It was only the small child that was able to pull the sword.  While the sword did pull by the child, it did not pull out. It is a fun show, lasting only a few minutes. If you want to see it, be sure to ask a cast member if it is being performed when you next visit!  If you are not able to see the show, here is the finale of the show:

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