Love Crossy Road? Get the New Disney Crossy Road Collectibles!

Disney Crossy Roads

The makers of the Disney Crossy Road game have created some great toys that are themed after the app that is available for you to play on your smartphone.  To play the game, download it in the Playstore or the Apple App Store.  The Moose Toys company sent in the above toys for review.

Here are the details of the Products available for the Disney Crossy Road line:

Moose Toys, makers of Shopkins and Grossery Gang, partnered with Disney to create the collectible line for Disney Crossy Road, and we’d love to offer you samples to then share with your readers! The product, which hit stores on April 2, brings the characters from the popular mobile app game to life and turns your favorite Disney characters into 8-bit collectibles for the first time.

Fans can collect, swap and play with a full range of 8-bit style collectibles, and key chains. With Series 1 consisting of figurines from Mickey Mouse and Friends, Toy Story, Big Hero 6 and The Lion King, the chase is on to collect the Disney and Pixar figurines from the range.

All of the Moose Toys products are available online here from Amazon.  The Toy company has a wide variety of toys available in the Disney Crossy Road theme.  The Company loves to offer products that include a bit of a mystery!  Below, is the Disney Crossy Road Mini Figures 4 Pack that shows you three of the figure, while leaving the fourth to be a mystery until you open the package!  Many people love the fact that there is a mystery in the purchase.  What character will you get?!?


If you are interested in only the mystery Crossy Road packages, the Disney Crossy Road Mini Figure packs include only one minifigure that is a mystery as follows:


The figurines are very cute and well made.  Here is some up close to include the very popular Minnie Mouse:

014_8375Each figurine with two-legs comes with a clear stand.  However, for the four-legged friends, no stand is needed!

Moose Toys also makes plush toys. These toys would be more appropriate for younger children who like to still put toys in their mouth, as the minifugures are quire small and are a choking hazard.  To see all of the plush toys, check out this link. Here is a better look at the Big Hero 6 plush that was sent in the review.

Crossy Road - Big Hero 6 BAYMAX Plush

The Big Hero 6 plushy sent is super soft and is 6″ tall!  Since the plush toy is not so large, they do not take up a huge amount of space (and are great for packing and taking along with you on a vacation to Disney!).  All of the products are very well made and perfect for those younger Disney Crossy Roads fans.

Be sure to see all of the products made for the Disney Crossy Roads here and thanks again to Mosse Toys for sending over the products for review.

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