Long Drive to Disney? Fun Things to Do Along the Ride!

Lego Play during Drive

Lego Play during Drive

In the past, Meet the Magic has shared ways to keep entertained during a drive to or from Orlando.  To see all of those suggestions, click here.

One of my son’s favorite things to do along the drive is to build a Lego set.  Most of the time we enjoy heading to Downtown Disney’s LEGO Imagination Center and picking out a Lego set for him to complete.  What is great about getting a set from this location is that we are passholders.  We are sure to show our Disney Annual Pass to the Lego employee upon checkout and thus receive a 10% discount on our purchase!  That really is great since you cannot frequently find deals on legos from the Lego store.

In past vacations, we have brought along a tray with sides.  This allowed my son to be able to put together the set with less worry that he will lose pieces during the drive.  However, on this trip, we forgot his tray.  What to do?  Well, we cut the box!  We made the box itself a tray and it worked great!

If you plan on going on vacation and would like to purchase Legos before your vacation, check out these great Disney themed Lego sets.

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What other ways do you and your kids pass the time during the long drives to Orlando?


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