Disney Mom’s Panel Application 2010

Moms panel time is upon us! Oh, how I would adore to be chosen for this panel. To be included in the Disney World cast member family has long been one of my desires. I have considered moving down to Orlando, but have found that this would not be a convenient choice. As a result, I keep my fingers crossed every year as the moms panel recruitment starts.

Here is the lowdown on the questions:

About you

A) When was your last vacation to Walt Disney World® with your family? B) Do you work in an industry that is in competition, would benefit from being associated with the Walt Disney World® Moms Panel or be in conflict with Disney’s family friendly brand? If yes, please explain. C) True or False – World Showcase is a collection of pavilions representing 14 countries that border the 5 miles surrounding World Showcase Lagoon.

Your best advice

In 100 words or less, explain when and how you helped a non-family member plan their first trip to Walt Disney World® Resort.

About your expertise

In 100 words or less, tell us about what resources you use to find and share interesting park facts and vacation planning tips with others.

I find it sort of funny.  Every year when I am not chosen, I wonder who did get chosen.  I look the new smiling faces up and try to see if there is that sparkle in their eye that I know I have in mine for Disney.  I just keep hoping.  Hoping.

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