Kali River Rapids – How to not get WET!

Kali River Rapids Ride Vehicle

Kali River Rapids Ride Vehicle


Kali River Rapids

Opening Date:

March 18, 1999

Approximate Length:

5 Minutes


This attraction begins with an exciting queue line which winds around several highly themed buildings.  Guests pass by artifacts, statues, and ruins which enclose the space and make it feel as though you were in an actual Asian temple and visitation center.  Among the scenery is a television show detailing the mission of the Kali Rapids Expeditions as a place to show the natural beauty of the area to visitors.  Guests are also warned against illegal logging as working chain saw can be heard in the background.

Kali River Rapids Rapids Line

Kali River Rapids Rapids Line

The ride vehicles are approached on a large deck which rotates, allowing the vehicles to be loaded and unloaded without ever stopping.  Each ride vehicle will hold up to 12 people.  The rafts are affectionately named names such as “Kali Bumper Car” and “Manaslu Slammer”.  Once boarded, guests begin their adventurous ride along the Chakranadi River.  The water is choppy and includes many falls, geysers and background details such as animal and bird calls.  Near the end of the float, guests hear the sounds of the chain saws again and smell smoke before approaching charred tree trunks and flaming logs.  Soon after the attraction ends and extremely wet guests disembark.

Opinion or personal story about this attraction:

I personally love this attraction.  In the summer months when I arrive in the Animal Kingdom during the hot days, it is great to have a quick shower cooling me off before heading to other area attractions.  However, on days when getting wet is not an option, I find I must skip this attraction.  That was until, I began carrying along a poncho!  The use of a poncho makes it possible to see this attraction and not get drenched!  I have even been known to request bags from the nearby Disney store for use as a poncho when I have forgotten mine or when I have brought along a camera or cellphone and not my I-will-not-ride-that-attraction mom:)  The attraction is wonderful!  Enjoy it on your next Animal Kingdom visit!


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