Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise Paradox

Jungle Cruise Paradox


Jungle Cruise

Opening Date:

October 1st 1971

Approximate Length:

9 Minutes


Jungle Cruise takes Guests on a grand tour of the world’s most exotic rivers in Asia, Africa and South America, in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom theme park.

Set sail on a 1930s tramp-steamer tour in the untamed waters of the Mekong, the Amazon and the rivers of Africa. Will your vessel be Sankuru Sadie or Senegal Sal, and will she survive the 9-minute Jungle Cruise intact?

Jungle Cruise Get the Point in the End

Jungle Cruise Get the Point in the End

Mother Nature is at her wildest as you pass Audio-Animatronics animals including the Bengal tiger, king cobras, elephants, lions and hyenas in their native habitats. Whether they’re feasting on their prey, scaring trespassing humans or splashing water, the animals will keep you on your toes.

Jungle Cruise Elephants

Jungle Cruise Elephants with Packed Trunks

As your skipper leads you ever deeper into the jungles past hare-brained explorers and ancient ruins, be prepared for some surprises along the way. Are there really hippopotamus and headhunters lying in wait? Your skipper’s sure to regale you with humorous tales of danger.

Even while in line for your expedition, you’ll see detailed Colonial artifacts and silly communications that make this tongue-in-cheek cruise a jungle-grade scream.

Opinion or personal story about this attraction:

There is no funnier ride than the Jungle Cruise. Set sail through the different rivers of the world and listen to you wise-guy skipper crack a few jokes!

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