Janine Pipe

Janine and her husband have visited Walt Disney World many times over the last ten years, both with her in-laws and without.  She is looking forward to taking her young toddler, known affectionately as Tink, to visit the Mouse as soon as possible.
She resides in Swindon, in the UK, which has been twinned with Walt Disney World and even has its on plaque in the UK pavilion in EPCOT.
Janine is a huge Disney fan, and although she did not get to visit Florida until her very early 20’s, has been dreaming of Main Street, USA since a very early age. That first visit began a love affair which some might say borders on obsession and she is known to her friends and family as a Disney-aholic.
She has a Disney based Twitter account, @disneynine and Facebook, Janine Disney. She also contributes articles to both Meet The Magic and Growing up Disney, where she uses her knowledge of travelling with a toddler, with an international spin on things.


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