It’s Tough to be a Bug – Visiting a Second Time is Better


It's Tough to be a Bug

It’s Tough to be a Bug

Attraction: It’s Tough to be a Bug

Opening Date:

February 8, 2001 in Disney World

April 22, 1998 in Disney California Adventure

Approximate Length:

9 minutes


This attraction debuted in Disney California Adventure before opening with the same film in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  The attraction in California is tucked within the bug’s land section of the theme park which includes many other adorable attractions.  The Animal Kingdom location includes a queue which wraps around and eventually underneath the Tree of Life.  As you walk through this queue, you hear the many songs being sung by the bugs such as:

  • “One” from A Cockroach Line (sung to “One” from A Chorus Line)
  • “Beauty and the Bees” from Beauty and the Bees (sung to “Beauty and the Beast” from Beauty and the Beast)
  • “Tomorrow” from Antie (sung to “Tomorrow” from Annie)
  • “I Feel Pretty” from Web Side Story (sung from “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story)
  • “Hello Dung Lovers” from The Sting and I (sung from “Hello Young Lovers” from The King and I)
  • “Tonight” from Web Side Story (sung from “Tonight” from West Side Story)

As you approach the actual attraction, you will feel as though you have shrunk to the size of a bug as everything around you becomes very oversized.  Once inside the attraction waiting area, you enjoy posters from the various movie spoofs as you listen to the music from these same films.  Guests stay in this area until the show before them has emptied.

Once the door open, guests choose a chair along the bench seating and put on their 3D glasses or popularly named “Bug-eye” glasses.  Be sure to get a photo of those in your party wearing this funny-looking glasses!  When the show begins, you realize that not only do you look like a bug with your 3D glasses on, but you are notified that you ARE an honorary bug!

The host is Flik  who explains all about being a bug, using fellow bugs to demonstrate their talents.  Guests move through demonstrations from the Acorn Weevils, butterflies, and the millipede.  The show takes a turn when Hopper enters the theater showing a film on how humans attempt to destroy bugs.  As the film wraps, the theater becomes dark and black widow spiders come down from above to the below screaming audience.  During this frightening display, wasps enter the theater and poke the guests in the back.  Hopper, doing nothing to help the audience, is later taunted by a chameleon looking for lunch.

Hopper is not harmed who does promptly leave the theater.  Soon Flik returns the stage to order eventually requesting that the butterflies come back to form the curtain seen as guests entered the theater.  Finally, an announcer states that everyone should remain seated so the beetles, maggots and cockroaches can leave the area safely.  Surprised guests feel the bugs move under them as the bugs make way to exit the theater.

Opinion or personal story about this attraction:

The show is fun and entertaining.  I personally appreciate watching others who appear to have never seen the show.  It is funny to see their reaction to the surprises during the show.  Taking friends who have never been to this attraction is alway so much fun.  They leave stating, “why didn’t you tell me about all of those crazy stunts!”

In addition to excited guests, what I have also most often seen from this attraction is upset, scared, screaming young children.  The show is only 9 minutes, but there are 2-3 minutes that are terrifying to small kids.  The entry of the spiders when the theater is already extremely dark and eerie feeling is the tipping point for many.  I have noticed many a parent taking their child out of the theather!

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