Important Items Disney Allows to Be Brought into the Parks

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Disney theme parks are extremely safe locations.  In order to keep the parks safe, it is important that everyone knows the rules of what exactly Disney allows to be brought into the theme parks.  You need to know the rules because when entering the theme parks, you will be required to go through security.  Disney’s security typically will require you to show all of the items in the various pockets and zipper sections of your bags.  If you do have items you are not allowed to bring into the parks, the security will keep those items.

Here are the items allowed in the parks:

  • Ponchos and Umbrellas– Be sure to bring one of these the parks with you.  A typical day at a Disney theme park often times includes a shower of around an hour.  While you can find these items for sale in the parks, they are pretty expensive.  Ponchos run around $8, while umbrellas cost up to $40!  Here are some being sold that are not very expensive and will outlast those sold in the parks!  Be sure to grab yours before you go!
  • Food – You are welcome to bring in snacks, meals and beverages.  You are not allowed to bring in alcohol.  You are welcome to purchase alcohol in all parks but Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.
  • Cooler – You can bring in coolers as long as they are smaller than 24″L X 15″W X 18″ H.  These coolers also cannot have wheels.  However, these rules do not apply when visiting Animal Kingdom. Here is a link to coolers you can purchase to take with you to the parks.  Remember, bringing a cooler along may safe you money on your food costs and might be well worth it!
  • Medication – Bring in any medication necessary.  Should you need to bring in medication coolers, they can be stored in a locker or at Guest Relations.

Should you have any additional questions on what is allowed in the parks, be sure to contact Disney before traveling to the parks.  And if you have additional suggestions, please comment to let us know what you enjoy bringing into the parks to make the most of your day.



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