IBM SmartPlanet Experience – Makes You Make a Run for It!

Located in Innovations at EPCOT is an attraction presented by IBM.  The actual attraction name is Runtime presented by IBM.  It is located in Innovations West.  I have done this particular attraction 3 times and have laughed myself silly each time!

Participants attending this attraction can choose to visit the attraction alone, or with up to three people.  The cast member takes the participants to their particular IBM pod, if you will, where the magic is made.  Using a set of television screens and cameras, the participants are asked by the computer to complete a series of varying moves, such as run in place, jump and dance to the best of the participants ability.   Each of these moves is recorded by the cameras.

After completing these series of moves and reviewing that the moves were recorded properly, the participants move on to a computer screen away from the IBM pod.  Here a game starring the participants is loaded and the participants are given the opportunity to play their game.

The first time I did this, I was a bit shy at acting a fool, jumping, dancing, etc. with others so close by.  However, after completing the entire attraction, I realized that I had not even noticed the others around me.  As a result, the next time I had no qualms about acting a fool doing my victory dance!  Go ahead, make a game of yourself!  It is so much fun!  But be aware, the link to your game expire so be sure to save the game to your computer!

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