How to Tell a Fake Disney Pin from a Real One

Duffy in Magic Kingdom Pin Trade

Duffy in Magic Kingdom Pin Trade

My son has become an avid collector of Disney pins.  During the years we have collected them, he has typically traded pins with Cast Members.  Along the time in collecting, he has had some given to him by family, friends and Cast Members.  My son was a bit suspicious that he had a few pins that were fake so we asked some advice from a Cast Member on how to spot a fake.

Here is what we learned:

  • Look for prongs on the back of the pin – On the back side of the pin, you will have prongs alongside the pin post.  These prongs allow the back of the pin help the pin to stay in the appropriate location once pinned on an item.  Click on the photo below to review the difference.
The Fake Pin is on the Left, Real Pin on the Right

The Fake Pin is on the Left, Real Pin on the Right

  • Look for Sharp Wording on the Back Logo – The wording along the back of pin should include crisp wording in a logo that includes a classic Mickey head and a banner that states, “Pin Trading” including the release year of the pin and/or “© Disney” depending on the date the pin was released.
  • Review the Front of the Pin – The front of the pin should be high in glossy finish.  Many of the fake pins includes lines and no glossy finishing.  Click on the photo to see the details f the lines in the paint and no glossy finish.

Front of a Fake Disney Pin

  • Serial Numbers – In recent years, Disney has added serial numbers to the back side of their pins.

Disney Pin Serial Number

We reviewed our pins and found that we had 19 fake pins!  19!  That is a lot of pins to throw away.  From here on out, we plan on being more picky with our pin trading and buying all of our favorite direct from Disney’s parks or at the  From what I have been told also from the Cast Members, the purchase of pins from ebay will give you a load of fake pins that are not tradable at Disney so be sure to only buy from!


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