How to Surprise Someone with a Disney Vacation

Have you ever thought about planning a vacation to Disney and surprising a loved one with the already planned out upcoming magical vacation?  If this sounds appealing to you, you should consider the various options of how to break the great news to your loved one!

Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Do not tell your loved one at all about going to Disney.  Simply arrive through the Disney gates and let them see the surprise first hand!  This one can be difficult if you are driving for an extended amount of time.  If you are flying to the Orlando International Airport, the loved one will likely figure out the destination of the vacation once in the airport as many of the shops in the airport are Disney themed.
  • Hold Disney movie nights over the course of a few weeks to get them in the mood to head to Disney!  As you get closer to the date of the vacation, begin discussing the attractions in the parks which are based on the movies seen.  This will help to increase the excitement once you let that loved one know about the upcoming fun!  Following one of your favorite Disney movies, tell your loved one about the upcoming vacation!
  • Stage a scavenger hunt throughout the house.  Use notes to lead from one clue to the other.  Clue items could include items needed for a great Disney vacation such as a Disney backpack or Disney costume.  The end should include a note, etc. detailing the upcoming fun!
  • Create a puzzle which, once solved states that they will be headed to Disney for a fun-filled vacation!

For my son, I recently planned a vacation during a school break.  I had not mentioned that we were going.  As the date approached, it went from “I had not told him yet” to “it is a surprise”.  Our trip to Disney is nearly 12 hours so not telling him until we get there simply seemed cruel.  I decided I wanted to surprise him and let him know on his birthday that we were headed to Orlando.  I wanted to do a hangman game with him.  Then I got the idea, what if there is an iPad/iPhone app for playing Hangman that is customizable.  I looked and quickly found one that could be customized and was free!  It is called Hangman Free.  The theme of the app is pirates.  How perfect!

Hangman Custom

On his birthday, I showed him the new iPad app I had found and showed him how to play.  We played round after round.  Then I loaded the puzzle I had added to the app which, when solved stated, “We are headed to Disney on Friday”.  He quickly solved the puzzle then said aloud the solution then started to yell with delight!  He quickly thought there was a conspiracy between my plan and the iPad…  Hilarious!

The app was great and made it easy to surprise my son without it being obvious that there was anything extra coming besides a great game.  You too can download the app and use it to send whatever type of message you want to send to your loved one!

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