How to Score BIG in Universal Studios Men in Black

Men in Black

Are you looking to score big on the Men in Black attraction in Universal Studios?  After many times riding the attractions, I had just that though.  How in the world do you score high on this fun attraction!  My researched found the following:

      Find an alien target and shoot it once.  Your light will turn green.  Hit that same target a second time on the same alien and the light will blink red.  Continue to shoot that same alien over and over and your score will continue to rise.  As you move through the attraction, continue this pattern to increase your score.  Look for the following target sites: targets in higher windows or hanging from the streetlights.  Look for Big Bug and shoot his teeth and eyes.  Also look for Frank the Pug which is hidden to the right of the inside track next to the Crashed Spaceship at the Locksmith’s counter. This particular alien is not automated, but simply sitting still.  Hit that one and you will gain many points.  Find Steven Speilberg’s head, the disguise used by the aliens holding up the newspaper, and score big on that target.Score 100,000 points when asked by ZED to press and hold the red button. Only the first person to push the button down will get the points and lock out everyone else who came after. By having the button pressed and held down during this time will guarantee 100,000 points. Everyone in the car that was holding their button down before ZED’s command gets the points. Know that once you press and hold down the red button, your gun deactivates so you can no longer shoot.


If you have any other suggestions on how you score big on Men in Black, please let us know!

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