How to Score a Free Fastpass to Pirates of the Caribbean

If you have not experience A Pirates Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas in the Magic Kingdom, you are missing out on a great time and a free fastpass to Pirates of the Caribbean!

Where to find this attraction:

You will first head over to the enlisting station for the Pirates Adventures.  You will find the enlistment station located between the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Splash Mountain attraction.

Look for this sign to find the Enlisting Station:

A Pirate's Adventure Sign

Here is the Enlisting Station Building:

A Pirate's Adventure Signup Location

What to Expect from the Enlisting Station:

You will be greeted by a Cast Member who will help you select which adventure you will be going on.  There are five maps in all, each with a different treasure you are working to find.  Grab the map, then head out to find one of the locations on the map.

Pirates Adventure Maps

Pirate’s Adventure Maps

Pirates Adventure Heads You Lose Map

Pirate’s Adventure Heads You Lose Map

Pirates Adventure Haven Defense Map

Pirate’s Adventure Haven Defense Map

Pirate's Adventure Guardian's Curse Map

Pirate’s Adventure Guardian’s Curse Map

Pirates Adventure Blackbeard Map

Pirate’s Adventure Blackbeard Map

Pirates Adventure A King's Ransom Map

Pirate’s Adventure A King’s Ransom Map

Once we had a map, my son and I would head over to a location on the map.  We put our park ticket on the mark found on the map for each location.  Once we were at that location, the game informed us if we were at the correct location or if we needed to head to a different location on the map.

Each location included surprises to behold.  My son really loved the game, so we continued until we had found all of the treasures.  Here are a few of the favorite locations:

Pirates Adventure Pirate Emerge from Water

Pirates Adventure Pirate Emerge from Water

Pirates Adventure Singing Pirate Heads

Pirates Adventure Singing Pirate Heads

The adventure took place around Pirates of the Caribbean, Carpets of Aladdin and The Jungle Cruise attraction.  To participate, you will need to visit areas all around each of these attractions.  If you should decide to find more than one treasure, you must visit the enlisting building each time you find a treasure.  By the end of our 5 map adventure, we had walked quite a bit!  Each treasure took approximately 10 minutes to find.  Some of the treasures took less time.  For instance, one map only required that we visit 2 locations!  We literally went to the enlisting station, picked up a map, saw two short locations, then headed right back to the enlisting station!

Each of the maps have about 5 different locations included.  However, to find the treasure, you will only visit 2 – 3 of the available locations.  This tends to mean that should the game be played again in the future, you may get to go to other locations on the maps not previously visited.


How to get a Free Fastpass?

As if playing the game is not enough, you can score a fastpass to Pirates of the Caribbean!  What you need to do is complete at least three of the five missions and get the bonus FastPass+!  In addition, you are given a collectible Treasurer Finder Card specific to each map you have completed as a reward!

Now, get out there Pirates and earn your fastpass!

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