How to Save Lots of Money on Food during Disney World Vacation

A vacation to Disney World includes many, many long days walks through the parks.  If you are planning your vacation to Disney, chances are you have also thought about some of the dining experiences you will be having.  A look at a few of the menues for the Disney restaurants will leave many people (especially those with a large family) wondering exactly how they can save money off of the dining while on vacation.

The top way I have found to save off of food costs is to get groceries delivered.  My person favorite is Garden Grocer which is a company that takes online orders for your grocery needs, then delivers them right to your Orlando resort!

Here are the steps to make an order with Garden Grocer:

  1. Use the Online Order Forms – Head on over to Garden Grocer and fill out an order form now for your upcoming vacation.  It is fast and easy to fill out and get all of the items you most need.
  2. Fill out for the Delivery – The items will be delivered directly to your room.  No fuss!
  3. Get your items once at the Resort!

Here are some of the ways that Garden Grocer can save you money:

  1. Breakfast items – With all Disney Resorts now having refrigerators, feel free to order items available on their website under the Breakfast section.  There are many items to choose from such as yogurt, doughnuts, bagels, waffles, breakfast meats.
  2. Special Needs areas – If you are or are traveling with someone who is gluten-free, there is a variety of items available for purchase there!
  3. Park snacks – There is an entire section on great snacks for the theme parks!  The list of items includes prepackaged items, heathy items and small drink.
  4. Alcoholic beverages – There is nothing like heading to the poolside bar and paying $8-$15 for a glass of wine when you could have bought the whole bottle for nearly that cost!  Garden Grocer will deliver those items at great prices as well!
  5. Sunscreen – If you forget to bring your bottle of sunscreen, you can certainly order a bottle for much cheaper than you would otherwise pay in the Disney parks.

These are just a few of the ways you can save by using the convenient services of Garden Grocer.

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