How to Return or Exchange items purchased in the Disney Parks

While in Disney this past vacation, I purchased my son a Vineyard Vines long sleeve shirt from the Grand Floridian. My son tried on the shirt and it fit perfectly.  We asked the employee if the shirt would shrink any and were told that the shirt would not.

When we returned home, we washed the shirt.  My son grabbed it straight out of the drier to wear to school.  Immediately, he noticed the shirt had shrunk.  He was very upset and took the shirt, with sleeves too short, off. 

Knowing that he would not wear this shirt with it being too small, I called Disney parks customer service line at 877-560-6477.  I explained the issue we had with the shirt and then were told that I needed to take the following steps:

  • Take a photo of the item with the issue.
  • Find the receipt from the purchase and provide information on the purchase to the phone operator.
  • Look for an email that included a return mailing label to Disney.
  • Print the label for the return mailing.
  • Take the item, packaged, to the UPS store.  The return mailing is free.  If you prefer, you can call UPS to request a pickup of the item.
  • Once the item is received by Disney, they will exchange the item for the size or exchange as requested.  If the item is no longer available in the size, etc. that you need, a refund will be provided to the payment type provided at the time of purchase.

While there are several steps to getting this accomplished, the process was very quick.  If you travel to Disney often, you could instead exchange the item in person with your receipt.  But if you will be several months before travel back to the parks, you should consider making the return or exchange in this method. 

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