How to Remove the Disney Sticker Residue after Washing Clothes

Disney Sticker Residue

So many times when vacationing in Disney, my son has been given stickers from the Cast Members.  He is always so excited to stick them on his shirt.  The problem is, once we get back to the room, we are just too tired to remember that he has them on his shirt as he quickly undresses for taking a bath.  It is only once we get home and have washed the clothes, that we remember that there was even a sticker on the shirt.

Once you add shirt to the dryer, it is stuck well and in many small residual pieces. So what can you do to get the sticker off? Begin by attempting to pull as much of the sticker residue from the shirt.  I found that that was effective for a while, then began to become more difficult as only glue and smaller particles of paper remained.

So Now WHAT?

To remove the smaller, more sticky pieces, here is what to do:  Heat some white vinegar in the microwave until it is rather warm.  Then use a sponge or wash cloth to saturate the area with the warm vinegar.  After it has soaked, the adhesive will loosen until it can remove the paper and sticky remaining portions of the sticker.  With this process complete, wash and dry the clothing as usual.

This worked for my son’s shirt and the two locations for his Disney stickers.  I think next trip, though, I will be more careful with looking at the clothes to make sure there are no stickers on the items before washing!

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