How to Protect Yourself in the Orlando Sun

A visit to the sunny state of Orlando will usually bring a smile to your face, but in the summertime, it can also leave you sunburned.  This can be very dangerous and make your travels and visit uncomfortable.  Something else to consider is that if you are able to keep yourself from getting sunburned that you and the others in your party will be more able to enjoy a full day in the parks when visiting Orlando.

Here are some great suggestions of ways to avoid getting sunburned while in Orlando:

  • Drink plenty of water – This may not seem like a huge help, but it will keep your skin hydrated.  Luckily, this can be free!
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen – Be sure to add sunscreen in all exposed areas before you leave the room!  Many people also apply sunscreen to areas that are not exposed!  Sunscreen purchased in any of the Orlando parks is extremely expensive.  I suggest you purchase plenty before you head on your vacation so you can save money and be prepared as soon as you get there!  Amazon sells sunscreen at a great price.  Check out the rates here.
  • Use inside attractions during the heat of the day – This is one of my favorite ways to avoid getting a sunburn and from getting too hot while in the parks.  I love seeing the shows while in the heat of the day or riding attractions that have queues that are indoors.
  • Wear clothing with sunscreen included – I first began doing this back when I first went on a trip to Atlantis.  My family had the best time playing in the water park but on the second day, we began to really worry about how much exposure we were willing to have to the brutal sun.  To assist, we all bought clothing that had sunscreen included. The theme parks in Orlando do not have such clothing at the ready.  Amazon sells a wide variety of these items though for everyone traveling.  Check out the possibilities here.
  • Wear a good hat – The sun is super bright in Orlando!  To assist, get yourself a good hat to block out the sun!  Here are some really great ones that will block the sun and include sunscreen.    If a Disney-themed hat is more your style, check out these hats.

These are just a few ways to avoid getting a sunburn while in Orlando.  Have other suggestions, leave them here!


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