How to NOT have a bad Disney Vacation

When you go on a Disney vacation, you hope you and your travel companions will have the best trip!  However, vacations to Disney can require many hours out in the hot sun, make those who are not used to walking distances tired and others overwhelmed that are not used to so many people and commotion.  Here are some ways to help you manage these issues:

  • Change your surroundings – When vacationing and the surroundings are causing issue, you should think about changing your surroundings for a portion of the day.  For example, if it is hot outside, you should consider heading back to the hotel midday to take a break by swimming in the pool.  Most of the Disney Resort’s have highly-themed pools that offer many hours of fun and entertainment for everyone in the travel party.  If you believe you might spend some time at the pool, be sure to get a schedule of events that will be available during your stay.Art of Animation Pool
  • Find a great location for your nighttime show – If you and your fellow travelers are visiting one of the nighttime shows at the theme parks, you should consider the temperament of the travelers.  If getting the best possible seat or place to stand to see the show, you will need to plan to get there at LEAST 30 minutes before the show begins.  However, if your family instead would prefer to experience other attractions right up to the time of the show, make sure everyone understands that they might not have the best vantage point for seeing the show.  Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks
  • Know that the Parades draw large crowds – In addition to the nighttime shows having large crowds, you should expect to find large crowds seeing the parades throughout the day in Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.  If you move away from the entrance of the park to a viewing point (see the maps for the parade routes) towards the back of the park, you will find less crowds viewing the parade.  Festival of Fantasy Parade
  •  Visit the exhibits – Within EPCOT’s pavilions, there are many pavilion exhibits which will teach you a bit about the culture and offer some time away from the crowds.  Many of the exhibits have seating inside out of the elements (such as rain or the heat).  EPCOT Japan Pavilition Bijutsu-kan Gallery
  • Have a budget – Disney fans all know the statement, “all attractions end in a gift shop”.  While that statement is not 100% true, many of the attractions definitely do end in a gift shop specifically themed to the attraction in which you just finished.  To help you manage the cost of buying one of every cool souvenir made, you should provide each traveler with a budget.  For some, it might be beneficial to provide those in their party with a gift card with a set amount included (Be sure to see here on how to get these gift cards at 5% off). Disney Store Pokemon Merchandise
  • Make dining reservations – To help everyone in your party get a good meal, some time off of their feet and some time out of the crowds, be sure to schedule dining reservations.  If you are trying to reduce costs, you can select one dining reservation per day and split meals with others in your party.  While you can get a few reservations once you arrive, it is much easier to get them before you arrive.  If you are a member of Landry’s Select club, you don’t even need to get them though.  Learn more about that here!Disney Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe

If you have other ways that you are able to make the most of your Disney vacation, please be sure to reply with those here!

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