How to make the Most a Stateroom Room and Photos of Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas Room 8225

Our cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas was in May 2017.  While onboard, our family stayed in room 8225.  This room was an inside state room in one of the lower categories.

Tips for staying in a smaller inside room on a cruise

  • Know how much time you will truly spend in the room.  If you are like my family, you probably spend minimal hours in the room.  Instead, you spend your time in other venues around the cruise ship.  As a result, the size of the room is not as important.  The savings on taking one of the inside smaller rooms is extreme!  And when staying in those smaller inside rooms, you are given the same food, same amenities and see the same ports as those who have spent top dollar to have their more upscale room!
  • Utilize the space provided.  The room had many different cabinets and drawers for storing our items and we were even able to store our luggage under the bed, allowing the floor to be free.
  • Find a place for your dirty clothes.  To keep our dirty clothes stored, we put one of our pieces of luggage at the base of the closet.  We used it as a clothes hamper.  When one was full, we would close that suitcase and begin filling another one.  This kept the floor also cleaned up from the dirty clothes on the floor.
  • Understand the available charging stations for electronics.  The room only had two plugs in the entire room.  They were located under the vanity.  Since we were traveling to Alaska, our cellphones worked while we were in port.  With 3 people in our room, all of us wanted to have our phone charged.  To accommodate the need, we would plug in external batteries during the day.  Then at night, one of us would use the external battery to get our cellphone recharged as opposed to the electrical outlet.  It worked very well and even allowed that person using the external battery to be able to use their phone while in the bed as the phone charged.  Here is a link to the various external batteries offered by Amazon. These are also great items to own when traveling anywhere you use a cellphone so you can change without need of an electrical outlet.
  • Bring only what you need. Be sure to understand and make everyone in your party aware that the size of the room will be smaller.  Bring what you need and leave all of the extras that you think you may not need at home.

Here are the photos of our stateroom aboard the Explorer of the Seas, Room 8225:


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In the end, you may not have had the fanciest room on the ship but you got to experience the cruise, the fun and the beautiful ports of call for a much more affordable rate!

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