How to Make a Fish Extender before a Disney Cruise

One of the most exciting things you can participate in for your upcoming Disney Cruise is a Fish Extender!  For those of you not familiar with a fish extender, here is a link related post.  For those of you interested in making one before your Disney (or any other) cruise, here are some photos of the one that we were given when we sailed aboard the Disney Dream.  We were given this by our travel agency but you are free to make one before you travel aboard!   I sew, but am by no means an expert.  I thought that the photos and a brief description may help you if you were interested in making one of these.  So here we go!

Here is a full length photo:

Step 1. The backing material was cut to approx. 9-11 inches wide and approx. 20 inches high (as in the one above).  This one has double thick back material, so multiply the 20 inches by 2, then allow approximately 2 inches for the hem.

Step 2. Cut the pockets for the Extender.  These are approx. 8 inches high and run the full width of the Extender.  Allow for the hem approx. 1 inch for the top and for the bottom (thus each pocket needs to be about 10 inches in height).

Step 3.  Iron each of the pockets bottoms and tops for the 1 inch hem.  Sew down the hem along the top of each pocket.  Then sew each pocket to the front facing side of the backing material.

Step 4.  Invert the backing material (which also includes the pockets now on the inside).  Add string along the inside of the top of the Extender which can be used to attach the wooden pole at the top of the Extender.  Sew each side, but not the base, of the Extender.  Reinvert the Extender and whip stitch the base of the Extender.

Step 5.  Use the thread and a wooden rod to make the top portion.  A wooden rod is not necessary.  String along would work just fine and reduce the materials needed.

Be sure to come over to our Facbook page to share a photo of your Fish Extender!  Have fun preparing for your upcoming Disney Cruise!

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