How to Keep YOUR Children Safe While in Disney World

Disney World is a VERY large place, with parks each taking up many, many acres of land.  If your child becomes seperated from you, the parks can feel like they are include many, many miles of space.

To make sure your children are as safe as possible, here are some things you should consider before you go on your Disney World vacation with your child:

  • If you have older children, you might want to consider grabbing a map as soon as you arrive in the parks.  Everyone spend a few minutes looking over the map and getting familiar with the area.  Then choose a spot to meet should the worst cast scenario happen.  I know most people now have cellphones.  However, things happen and someone might lose their phone or have a battery that is too low to make or receive calls.  A meeting spot will help ensure your reconnection.
  • Have your children wear a watch/phone specifically designed for kids of around 3 – 10 years.  My son currently owns the Gizmopal, a watch made for Verizon customers.  He loves the watch because he can call us (my hsuband and I) at anytime.  He can also receive calls from 2 other people which we select and pre-program. In addition, the watch includes a tracking devise so I can see where he is from my phone should we get separated.  Here is a similiar product sold for AT & T called the FiLIP 2 Smart Locator with Voice for Kids.
  • If technology is not your speed, there are other ways to help your children.  Some people write their name and number on their shirt or a piece of tape.  Others readers have written in to say that they enjoy using the SafetyTats for their children when traveling:Quick Stick Write-on! Child ID Tattoos (Gender Neutral Variety 6pk.)
  • A very simple approach is also to help your children identify the Cast Members so they can ask for help as needed.  Be sure to show them their nametags so they can find a Cast Member no matter where you are in the parks.  Remember, to tell them tha the costumes for the Cast Members do change depending on where you are in the park.
  • A great way to keep your child safe is by keeping them in a stroller. While in the stroller, a child is not able to roam or get lost!  Of course, you can rent one from Disney during your vacation or you can purchase one.  If you are going to be there for a number of days, it is certainly less expensive to buy your own and bring it along.  During my vacations to Disney with my small son, we used a variety of strollers.  The best, I found, for the vacation because of its size, comfort and ease of closing and opening (one handed while holding a child) is the Maclaren Volo Stroller.Maclaren Volo Stroller, Black
  • Also, a great tip is to take a photo of your child daily.  This will help you remember what your child is wearing in case of seperation.  It will also help you to show others who might be helping you locate your child exactly what they look like.

If you have other suggestions, please leave them here to help others!

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