How to Join a Fish Extender for Your Upcoming Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Fish Extender Full View

Disney Cruise Fish Extender Full View

If you are planning a vacation on a Disney Cruise, you may have heard about the Fish Extenders.  If you have not, Fish Extenders is a way of meeting other Disney cruises for your cruise before your sail date.  Here are the steps to getting started:

  1. Book your Disney Cruise vacation.  Available to help you get your vacation booked is Magical Journey’s Kristen.  Send her a request for a quote for a Disney cruise by filling out this form here.
  2. Once you have booked your vacation, look online for your sailing date and cruise ship here to find a link to a Fish Extender.  Here you should find cruisers also interested in meeting others while on board a Disney cruise.  Typically, the participants are interested in getting to know the other cruisers before going on the cruise.  The beauty of joining one of the Fish Extenders is that once on board your cruise, you feel as though you already have made friends!
  3. Once you have joined a Fish Extender, you will need to make you own Fish Extender to take on board your cruise. Here are instructions on how to make a Fish Extender. 
  4. With the Fish Extender made, you need to purchase gifts to place in fellow Fish Extender participants’ Extenders.  Here are many items that are inexpensive you can purchase as gifts.
  5. Before you cruise, be sure to get a listing of all of the room numbers for the participants.  Once on board, use this list for delivery of the gifts you purchased.
  6. Enjoy the fun of being in a Fish Extender!

Again, joining a Fish Extender is a great way to prepare for and have more fun while on a Disney Cruise.

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