How to get your Wizarding World of Harry Potter Gringotts Bank Money


Gringotts Bank

When you visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, you will certainly not miss the above image of the Gringotts Bank as you enter the Wizarding World.  You will notice many guests standing around this icon looking to see when the dragon will breathe fire!  (According to the Universal Cast Members, this occurs every 15 minutes, on the quarter hours).

Right down from this Gringotts Bank icon, to the right, is an entrance to the Gringotts Bank where muggles are invited to visit to exchange their money for Wizarding money!  As you enter the Bank for the exchange, you will be greeted by a goblin that is interactive.

Gringotts Bank Goblin

A cast member will assist you in the money exchange.  The lowest denomination of Wizarding money is $10.  You can use the funds anywhere in the parks of Universal Orlando.   The money also makes a great souvenir!

Gringotts Bank Money

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