How to get the BEST Prices on Disney Theme Park Tickets

Planning a vacation to Disney World?  Chances are, you are going to need to buy yourself some theme parks tickets.  Be sure to get yourself the best price.  Then you can use your savings for other expenses you will have during your vacation.  Here is how you can get the best available per day rates for a Disney theme park day.

For those vacationers who want to vacation in Disney several times and hop among the 4 theme parks

Since you are on a Disney themed website, we will assume that you plan to vacation in Disney and will plan to again in the future.   Most people also enjoy seeing more than one park per day, so that will also be included here.

With these perimeters, here are the steps to the best ticket prices:

  1. Purchase your tickets online from Best of Orlando.  The tickets can be emailed directly to you.

Best Of Orlando

  1. Purchase the 10 Day Ticket – Purchasing the longest number of days allows for a reduced cost per day.  Tickets from Best of Orlando are now over $100 less than those published by Disney.
  2. Purchase the non-expire – Unless you plan on a 10 day vacation to Disney, you will need to purchase the non-expire tickets.  The non-expiration ticket is not available online from Disney (in case you are looking at prices online direct at
  3. Purchase the park hopper – This allows you to visit as many theme parks as you want per day.

The cost of the 10 Day, non-expire, park hopping ticket from Best of Orlando is $699.00.  The SAME ticket purchased from Disney is $800.01.  That is a savings of over $100.01.  And when you purchase this type of ticket from Best of Orlando, you pay $69.00 per day.  The great thing about this is you can use that ticket for years and years to come as you use up your 10 days.


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