How to Get Better Prices on Department Store Purchases

Looking to increase your wardrobe, purchase winter clothing for your children, or gather some holiday gifts before the shopping rush?  For those of you who own a Discover Card, you should think of getting started now to receive your 5% cash back bonus on the purchases you make from Department Stores.

If you do not own a Discover Card, you are in for a treat!  Right now, you can sign up here and earn $50 simply for being a new card holder!  Once you have your card in hand, begin making purchases in the categories which receive 5% cash back and watch the rewards quickly stack!

As an added bonus, when making purchases at the Department Stores, be sure to see if the store you wish to make purchases from is also an participants.  If the store is, you will receive back a check for a percentage potion of the purchase.  Want to know more about, click here and get saving using your account and your Discover cash back bonus!  Remember, new signers to receive a $10 giftcard!

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