How to Find Your Favorite Character in a Disney Park

When heading to the Disney vacations, often times people are concentrating on the attractions and fireworks shows that are available.  With so much to plan, you need to also remember to take time to see some of your favorite Disney characters!

I bet you have a listing of your favorites.  So, where do you find a list of the available characters?

The best place is by picking up a Park Map and Times Guide.  These maps can be found right as you enter the theme parks or also found in the gift shops all throughout the parks.  Look for the section that states all of the characters that are available to be seen.  You will also find a list of the times that each of the characters are available and the exact location to find the character.

Once to the character spot, be sure to note that often times a character will need to leave the area for a “snack break”.  Do not fear, the character will return within 5 minutes fresh and ready for photos and autographs!

If you plan on getting a signature from your favorite character, read here on what to expect.

When visiting a character, be sure to bring along all of  your “gear”. Here is a signature book similar to the ones from the parks.  These books can be purchased beforehand for much less than when purchased in the parks:
This one is perfect for your visit.  Not only does it include a book, but also a pen and carrying case making it easy to carry throughout the theme parks!

What is your favorite character meet experience?  Let us know!


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