How to Finance your Non-Florida Annual Pass AND get 5% Off!

Disney Annual Pass Ticket

Disney Annual Pass Ticket

When you are a non-Florida resident, Disney Corporation will not allow you to finance your annual pass!  If you think about the cost (currently close $700), it seems that financing such a purchase would be helpful to the masses and allow for more people to afford a Disney Annual Pass.  If you have never thought about getting an annual pass, you might find that the pass pays for itself within about 10 days visit to the theme park.  Others might instead look at the savings you receive from the resort stays in combination with the number of days in the parks to see if making the large dollar purchase is worth it for their family.

This year, my family decided against getting the annual pass on its renewal date since it would be 4 months into owning the Disney Annual Pass before we were heading to the Disney parks.  For those who have never owned a Disney Annual Pass, Disney offers a discount when you renew your pass.  The price this year are as follows (prices last updated in 2014):

Type of Pass Guest Age 10+ Guest Age 3-9 DVC Member Age 10+ DVC Member Age 3-9
Annual Pass $675.21 $675.21 $516.53 $516.53
Annual Pass Renewal $574.04 $574.04 $435.59 $435.59
Premium Annual Pass $803.02 $803.01 $644.33 $644.33
Premium Annual Pass Renewal $680.54 $680.54 $542.09 $542.09

As you can see, there is approximately a $100 discount on purchases of a renewed annual pass.  With the monthly “cost” of an annual pass being $47.84 (take the renewal rate of $574.04/12 months) and we would not be in the parks for 4 months (or $191.35), the $100 savings was not worth it.

So, I began wondering how to instead finance my annual pass so it would not be so expensive.  Here are the steps I have taken:

  1. I knew I needed to gather $675.21 before heading to the parks in approximately 4 months.
  2. I knew that I could use as many gift cards as I owned if I purchased from the Disney parks counter.
  3. I get paid every 2 weeks.  That give me 8 paychecks before heading to the parks.  If I am to save the total due for the annual pass in those 8 paychecks, that is a total needed of $84.40.  So, to be safe and have some extra spending money, I will buy 8 $100 Disney gift cards, purchased one each time I get paid.
  4. I purchase from Target.  Why?  Because at Target, I own a REDcard.  Purchases made from receive a 5% discount and free shipping!  If you do not have a REDcard, get one here.  You will find the information on the REDcard sign up on the top right of the screen.
  5. Once you have your REDcard ready, you can purchase your Disney gift cards at a 5% discount.  That means that on the purchase of that Annual Pass, I will save $33.75.  That may not seem like a ton of money, but it is enough to get a meal or two while in the parks.  It also helps to reduce the sting on not getting that $100 renewal discount!

Be sure to head over to today and get your own 5% discount on your Disney trip.  Remember, the gift cards can be used to pay for your entire vacation!  Simply remember to take all of the cards with you on your vacation and save 5% off the whole trip!

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