How to Etch Wine Glasses Featuring Cinderella and Hogwart’s Castle

For those of you who have traveled to the New Fantasyland lately, you may have shopped in the Bonjour! Village Gifts shop.  In there you will find a wide variety of beautiful items, such as paintings, books, clothes, etc.

One of the items I most liked were these wine glasses:

Beauty and the Beast Wine Glass

Beauty and the Beast Wine Glass

While these glasses featured paint on glass, once I returned home, I decided I would try my hand at etching wine glasses in a similar fashion.

To begin the project, I purchased:

  • Glasses from the Dollar Store at $1 each.
  • Contact paper from the Dollar Store at $1 for a roll.
  • Etching Product.  I used a coupon for Michael’s and got the small bottle for $8.
  • An X Acto Knife and Rotary Mat, which I already owned.

Here are the steps to completing this project:

  • Step 1 – Find a pattern you are interested in using.  I printed off a copy of a photo I had taken of the Hogwart’s Castle and a print off of a Cinderella Castle toy from the  I cut each keeping as much of the details as I could.
Step 1 for Etching

Step 1 – Cut out Pattern

  • Step 2 – Tape the cut out pattern to a piece of contact paper.  Remember the contact paper needs to be larger than the pattern and large enough to stick to the glass.
Step 2

Step 2 – Tape to Shelf Lining Paper

  • Step 3 – Use the X Acto knife to cut out the pattern leaving the outline of the pattern only, as so.
Step 3 - Use X Acto Knife to Cut Out Stencil

Step 3 – Use X Acto Knife to Cut Out Stencil

  • Step 4 – Stick the contact paper to the glass.  As you can see below, I added in details inside the piece to help to show the details of the individual buildings of Hogwart’s Castle.  You can do this or not, depending on the look you want.
Step 4 - Adhere Pattern to Glass

Step 4 – Adhere Pattern to Glass

  • Step 5 – Add the etching product with a paint brush.  Either be very careful or use gloves to protect your hands.  The product I used actually said to only apply it for 60 seconds.  However, I reapplied and reapplied to get a more etched look to the cup.  Be sure after applying that you add back any unused etching product back to your bottle of product.  This will help your product last longer.
Step 5

Step 5 – Apply Etching Product

Examples of etched glasses:

Hogwart's Castle Etching Back of Glass

Hogwart’s Castle Etching Back of Glass

Wine Glass with Cinderella Castle Etch

Hogwart's Castle Etching

Hogwart’s Castle Etching

Considering that I only had about $15 in this project, I was impressed.  The wine glasses I found at Disney were surely more expensive than $15!  And now that I have everything, I can purchase additional $1 glasses and make dozens of them!

Do you have an art project you enjoy doing which features Disney?  Send us an email at!

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