How to Ease a Child on their First Vacation to Disney

Journey to the MagicWhen heading to Disney or any theme park for the first time, it can be both exciting and scary for small children.  While excited to get to meet some of their favorite characters or ride an attraction, they may also be scared about other things that will go on during the vacation.  What can be done to make your child at ease so they truly appreciate the vacation without being anxious?  Here are some ideas:

  • Go to and order a Disney planning DVD.  These DVDs are free and help your child see what the parks, resorts, and restaurants actually look like.
  • Download a park map here.  Let your child walk through the parks’ maps to see what is offered and where the location of the attractions, shows, restaurants, etc. are.  This will help the child find familiarity with the parks.
  • See a few Disney movies so they are more familiar with the stories that will unfold in the attractions in the parks.  Some good ones to watch are as follows:
  • Read books about your upcoming vacation.  The book, Journey to the Magic, introduces children to the parks using cartoonized actual photos from the Disney World Parks.  Then the child can take the book along on the vacation, having fun with the activity section during the travels.  Once at Disney World, the book can be brought to the parks for a few in-park activities!

What other suggestions do you have for keeping kids relaxes and at ease about their upcoming magical vacation?  Leave them here to help others!

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