How to Earn the MOST Points using Shopkicks

b2c-app-screens-graphic-2Shopkicks is a great program for you to use to collect points.  The points collected can be used for a variety of giftcards.  Here is even a post on how to get FREE Disney gift cards using your Shopkick points!  If you are planning on gathering many points for your upcoming purchases using gift cards, here is how you can earn the MOST points using Shopkicks:

1.  Open the Shopkick Application before you enter a Store

Many times when you enter a store, you can receive points simply for entering the store. Simply click on the app to open it.  As you enter the store, you may be awarded kicks simply for having the app open!  This is really a quick way to gather points.  You may find that stores have 20 points or 200 points awarded simply for walk-ins to their stores.  You can even check the app to see the possible points awarded for walk-ins.  To find the available points, click on the “Find kicks waiting nearby” section.  A complete listing of the available walk-ins shows up organized by map area.  No purchases are necessary to gain the points.

2.  Open the Shopkick Application daily

Daily you will be awarded points simply for opening the app.  If you also check each of the store’s various lookbooks denoted with a blue star, you can also receive points ranging from 1 – 5 points a piece!  In addition, if you open the app on the right day, you may receive one of the $2 awarded Target gift cards often given to Shopkick users!

3. Get Scanning Items in the Stores!

If you ever go into a Wal-mart, you can score many points for scanning items.  There are many other stores that also do scans of items, such as Wal-mart, Home Depot, Pet Smart, etc.  Find the item listed in the application for scanning and scan the barcode of the item.  It is quick and feels like an Easter Egg Hunt!  You can score literally hundreds of points by doing the scans.  The points for the scans are often available daily.  Check the application for the scans under the “Find kicks waiting nearby” section.  Click on an individual store, then location “bubble” to find the available scans without actually being in the store.  Not purchases of the items are necessary.

4. Link Your Credit Card to Gain Extreme Points!

If you use a credit card anyways for your purchases, be sure to link your credit card to this application to score kicks per dollar spent.  Many times you can also gain points simply for adding your credit card information to the application.  The points here can really accumulate quickly.  For instance, if you were to make a purchase from Toys R Us for $75, you would receive 150 points!  There are also bonus points awarded for these purchases at many stores.

5. Invite Your Thrifty Friends to Join Shopkicks

Shopkick will reward you with shopkicks simply for inviting your friends to join the app.  Once they sign up, you will earn a portion of their kicks during the first two weeks after they start using Shopkick.

If you have not signed up for Shopkicks, please sign up here, then use your invitation section to invite your own friends to start in the savings!

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