How to Be First out of the Stretching Room of the Haunted Mansion

When riding on the Haunted Mansion, you begin by entering a rom with a fireplace.  You witness the portrait of Master Gracey as he moves from being a young man to very old, then to bones.  The next room you enter is the “stretching” room.  In the stretching room, you will see a variety of portraits above stretch to their full size.  Once you have finalized the entertainment in that room, you This tip is short, sweet and to the point – and will help your beat a few lines, especially during busy times (like now).

When you enter the stretching room, you are surrounded by a series of portraits.

Here is the secret to finding the door out of the stretching room:

Once you enter the stretching room, look for the young woman holding the parasol.  Her portrait presents her standing on a wire above a snapping crocodile. After finding her, be sure to stand directly under that photo.  This is the door that will open upon the conclusion of the stretching room scene!  You can try that same trick in both the stretching rooms in the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion!

Quicksand painting from Haunted Mansion

When you are first to leave the room, know that you will definitely have a small stampede of other guests looking to also leave the room.  Stand your ground and you will be among the first to get on the attraction after leaving the stretching room!

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