How to Avoid the Lines in Universal Orlando

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When you are taking a vacation to a theme park, you should always think of the best way to manage the crowds and reduce the amount of time you spend in line.  There are several tips for your upcoming vacation to Universal Orlando that can assist you in reducing the time spent in line so you can have even more fun while in the parks!


Here are the top tips to reduce your wait times in Universal Orlando:


Stay in one of the many Universal on-site hotels – The Universal Orlando has many great resorts, most are extremely new!  Be sure to check out the resorts and see which resorts offer the free Universal Express!  This will allow you to skip the regular lines at participating rides and other attractions.


Don’t ride the first thing you see – When you enter the park, there will be many attractions that you come to first that will not be the top attraction or the one that will accumulate the longest lines later on in the day.  Before you head to the parks, just do some quick research to see which of the attractions have the longest queues and ride those first.  Then head back around to ride the attractions you skipped later after the parks get more crowded.  One great example of an attraction that is further back in the park that will accumulate longer queues is the Skull Island:  Reign of Kong.  This attraction is a thriller that is also brand new.  Ride it early in the day!


Skull Island Reign of Kong in Universal Studios


Choose to Eat at off-times of the day – If you plan on eating lunch and dinner in the parks, if you can do so during off times, you could take advantage of the attractions during those hours.  This would allow you to ride on attractions while others are having their meals, leaving your wait times shorter.


Use the child swap – If you are traveling with a child that is too young to ride attractions, be sure to use the child swap feature.  This will keep your party from standing in the line twice.  Be sure to check out the park map to see which attractions have the child swap feature.  The Incredible Hulk is an attraction that offers the child swap.


Universal Studios The Incredible Hulk Coaster in June 2015



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