How often does the Dragon at Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter breath Fire?

Are you looking to get a photograph of the dragon atop the Gringott’s Bank when breathing fire?  When walking into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, you will immediately see the dragon atop Gringott’s Bank and a crowd of parkgoers pointing their camera to the dragon.  Time ticks away and people still stand with their cameras ready wondering when the dragon will ever breath fire!

When will the Ironbelly dragon ever breath fire?

If you ask one of the cast members, they will not tell you what time the dragon will fire.  But from experience, I can tell you, the dragon fires every 10 minutes.  There is also a sure way to know exactly when this is about to occur.  The dragon will make a growling noise that can be heard all around.  When you hear that, you have only seconds to get ready to take the photo of the Ironbelly dragon!

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