How Disney Water Parks differ from the Disney Theme Parks

So, you are headed to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon for an exciting day at the water park.  This park differs from other Disney theme parks in the following ways:

  • Parking is free! – Disney does not charge for parking at their water parks.  Park anywhere, no charge!
  • No Security – There are no security checkpoints in the Disney water parks.  This can be thought of as good by many because it reduces the amount of time it takes to get into the parks.  However, there is an opening for guests to not be as secure as they might be if checkpoints were available.
  • Bring your own cooler – Many people enjoy bringing a cooler to the water parks to bring in food and drinks to save money and times from eating at the restaurants and kiosks located in the water parks.  Disney does not allow glass items to be brought in these coolers and could confiscate them if they see you with them.  This is a safety matter that benefits everyone.  (You can also bring coolers to other Disney theme parks but this was an important to many guests.)
  • There are multiple entrances to the Kid’s pool areas – Back when my child was small enough to want to run around the kiddie areas in the theme parks (such as The Boneyard in Animal Kingdom), I always appreciated that there was only one entrance.  I would let him play on the slides and such and hang out close to the entrance.  This allowed me the peace of mind that he had not tried to leave without me!  However, in the water parks, there are two entrances to the kiddie pool areas.  This means you cannot “man” one entrance location while your child plays on the slides.  No rest for mommy and daddy here… go play with them instead on these fun slides!

These are just a few key points that make the water parks different than the Disney theme parks.

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