How Disney Dining on a Cruise Differs from Other Cruise Lines

When you are booking a vacation on a Disney Cruise, you might begin thinking of all of the great food experiences you will be eating.  There are great things to experience in food nearly the entire day!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Dining Rotation – When you arrive at Port Canaveral and receive your key card, there is important information that is included. One of the pieces of information found is your dining rotation information. Dining ROTATION? Yes, Disney Cruises allow you to spend time dining for your dinner meals in a variety of restaurants. For example, when traveling recently on the Disney Magic, my key card included the following information, “ACCL”. What in world does that mean? I was traveling on a 4 night cruise. My first night’s dinner was in the Animator’s Palate, the second and third were at Carioca’s, and the final night was in Lumiere’s. The “ACCL” represented the first letters for each restaurant and the order in which we would dine in those restaurants.
  • Unique Experiences – Since the dinner dining is in a rotation, you are able to experience a variety of restaurants. Each restaurant has it’s own unique look and feel to it so each night feels special and different than the others. In addition to the rotation schedule, each night in the restaurant you will experience a different themeing. For example, on the Pirate Party night onboard, the wait staff will dress in pirate themed clothing.Limbo in the Carioca's Restaurant of the Disney Magic
  • Wait Staff – When you rotate, your wait staff will follow you from dining room to dining room. They are quick to understand what you like and what you do not like. The servers learn your name and help you make the best meal selections based on what you state sounds best to you. Remember, at the end of your cruise, you will be charged a tip fee for your wait staff. The charge is automatically added to your stateroom bill. Should you feel that the amount being autocharged is not sufficient for the work performed, you can increase the tip amount.
  • Dining with Children – If you are dining with a child, there is a separate menu for your child. The menu includes child type selections. If your child does not like what is on the menu, the servers are often able to help your child find a selection that is suitable. Also, if your child is signed up to go one of the clubs onboard for children, Cast Members will come and take the children to their respective clubs about an hour into dinner. My son certainly loved this. By the time we had dined for an hour, he was ready to go and play!Animator's Palate in Disney Magic

While onboard the Disney Magic, I spend way too much time enjoying the meals! I would not call myself a “foodie” but I was excited every night to get to go to such an exciting and lavish dining experience. What do you think of dining onboard a Disney Cruise?

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