How an Annual Pass Can Save You Money

I love to go to Walt Disney World.  A. Lot.  I actually counted up the number of days I spend with my son in the World last year and found I had spent over 30 days, an entire month, in a Disney World park!

I believe that I am able to do an increased number and length of trips by using my Strategies for Paying for Disney.  Three years ago, I purchased the annual pass.  This purchase was around $475, but has allowed me to receive 366 days in the parks for that given year, plus receive additional discounts on rooms, food and tours.

The savings I receive from the use of the annual passes can be extreme.  For example, I stayed at the All Stars Movies Resort September 8-11, 2010.  I paid for a standard room but was upgraded to a preferred room.   The rate for the room was $53.30 for the first two nights and $58.80 the last one.  Disney room rates are typically always higher on Friday and Saturday nights, thus the price increase.  The total with taxes and all was $188.04.  If I had been paying retail or non-annual pass rates for these rooms, they were around $100 per night.  Most of my research shows that these rates are the best that they offer on property to the Annual Passholders.

In addition to room discount, Disney also offers a wide variety of dining discounts specific to Annual Passholders.  The discounts in the parks are 10% from certain restaurants and 20% in some restaurants downtown.  The full detailed list of the available dining discounts are found here for Disney World or here for Disneyland.

The Annual Pass can also be used to receive discounts on tours.  Find the tour discounts for Disney World here and for Disneyland here.  I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour.  The tour was absolutely amazing.  The tour costs $74 per person and includes about 3 hours of tour time with a very knowledgable tour guide, lunch and several surprises! I thought it was worth every penny.

Before heading out to Disney World on your next vacation, be sure to check into purchasing an Annual Pass.  Remember, only one person in your party needs to own the Annual Pass in order to receive the available discounts!  By purchasing someone the Annual Pass, you may find that you will save enough off of accommodations and dining to pay for the Pass.

2 comments for “How an Annual Pass Can Save You Money

  1. June 1, 2012 at 6:53 am

    We love our passes- we couldn’t do without them. Great post.

  2. Mary at Capturing Magical Memories
    June 1, 2012 at 8:36 am

    One thing I always forget about is the 10% retail discounts at some stores. You never know where so I always ask. My favorite last trip was getting 10% off at the Writers Stop on my Carrot Cake Cookie. So always ask at checkout what discounts they have.

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