Hollywood Studios Frozen Sing-Along Celebration Review

Hollywood Studios has recently opened its doors to our favorite characters of Arondale to include Anna and Elsa!  The show includes two Royal Historians who help to tell the story of Frozen.  The show also includes appearances from Anna, Elsa and Kristoff.

My family was excited to see the show and got in line about 20 minutes before the show began.  We did not make it into that showing of the Frozen Sing-Along.  We decided to wait in line for the next show, about an hour later.  The show is currently located in the Premiere Theater which is located in a theater past the Muppets attraction.  The line draped around the back of the Muppets Theater.  Most guests sat while waiting in line for the next show.

Once we got to the show, we were excited to meet Anna and Elsa.  The show’s Royal Historians were great.  They truly make the show entertaining.  If you like the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, you will love the humor found in this show!  Anna does not spend a great deal of time on stage.  The majority of the stage time is centered in on footage from the Frozen movie.  Screens to the left, center and right display the lyrics to the songs during the sing-along portion of the show.

Frozen with Anna and the Royal Historians Frozen's Royal Historians

My family did love the show, especially watching the small children having such a great time singing the songs!  I would have expected more stage time from Anna and Elsa.  I also expected them to join in on the sing-along instead of just come onstage to deliver a few lines.

Frozen Elsa

My family did go to see the show a second time and again, we were not able to get in the show we were trying to get into.  And again, we waited the extra hour to see the show.

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