Hidden New Attraction in Fantasyland Expansion

The Fantasyland Expansion offers many, many new things to see.  of course, there are a wide variety of awesome attractions such as Storytime with Belle.  However, here is a hidden (pun intended) new attraction!

Where to Find it?

The cool hidden attraction is Find Pascal’s friends.  Here is the sign:

Pascals and Friends

Look for it in front of the new restroom built in the old stroller parking section next to it’s a small world.  Once you have located this sign, begin looking around for 10 of Pascal’s friends hidden in the flowers and greenery of the area.  Don’t give up!  You can surely find them all!

In addition to finding the friends, be sure to find some of Rapunzel’s paintings and Maximus’s footprints!  Disney is so great at all of the little details!


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