Hidden Mickeys of Yesteryears…

I must admit, I thought that Hidden Mickeys were something for the nerdo folks. But then once a few of them were pointed out to me, I wanted to know where more were. Even better, I wanted to find a Hidden Mickey and claim it for myself! So, during my vacations, I used Steve Barrett’s Hidden Mickeys Guide: A Field Guide to help me find the identified Hidden Mickeys in hopes of finding others that were not named in said book.

So, for many trips I studied the book both in and out of the parks to help me find the Hidden Mickeys that had been identified. Then, when in EPCOT one day, I was riding Spaceship Earth when I thought I glimpsed a Mickey that was not in Steve’s book! So off I went to ride it again to be sure. Then, again I rode it just to get a shot of the Mickey! Here are the photos:

EPCOT Spaceship Earth Desk

EPCOT Spaceship Earth Hidden Mickey Cup
EPCOT Spaceship Earth Hidden Mickey Cup

Do you see it? The Hidden Mickey was on the back of the coffee cup that was located on the desk in Spaceship Earth. I could not believe it! My own Hidden Mickey! This one was not in the books! I was able to email these photos to Steve Barrett and include my name (with others) for this particular Hidden Mickey. On my most recent trip, I found that this one no longer exists. I guess I am a part of the archived Hidden Mickeys.

In addition to this one that has retired, there was also another “Hidden Mickey” created by one of these stickers in the next scene of Spaceship Earth where the internet was invented. It was previously located beside the window of the “internet invention room” on the bulletin board. Sad to say that this one too has entered the archive of Hidden Mickeys.

At least I was a part of one Hidden Mickey. Have you ever found an unpublished one before? Where was it? And if you have not, keep searching! They are out there!

If you are interested in finding Hidden Mickeys, find these two books by the publishing company, The Intrepid Traveler, under these titles: Hidden Mickeys and Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys by Steven Barrett.