Hidden Mickey in Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Hidden Mickeys are always loads of fun to find!  I especially appreciate those that are found while waiting in line for an attraction.  It is a fun game of eye-spy, allowing for some much needed distraction from the time spent wait for the attraction to begin!

Here is a photo of a Hidden Mickey found at Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.  Mickey is not-so-hidden in the Earth as seen here below.  You can actually find this exact same Hidden Mickey twice while standing in the queue, with one being easy to spot from both the fastpass or regular line, and the second one being seen by the regular line standers.

Once on the attraction, you can find several other Hidden Mickeys.  To find a very large one, look to your left for the Hidden Mickey in the Earth in the room that follows the dark tunnel room.  Your space vehicle will immediately begin to turn to the right so you will need to look far to the left to see this one!

As you enter the next room and are shooting at Zerg in his multi-armed space ship, be sure to smile at the camera!   Here was my attempt (on the right):

Looks like I need to take a lesson from Zach (on the left) and learn the exact location of the camera!

If you are interested in finding Hidden Mickeys, find these two books by the publishing company, The Intrepid Traveler, under these titles: Hidden Mickeys and Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys by Steven Barrett.

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