Here is How to Trade Disney Pins

If you are planning on trading pins while in Disney or are wanting to learn how to, here is Disney’s official instructions on how to trade pins:

Disney How to Pin Trade

Disney How to Pin Trade


According to Disney’s sign, here are the steps:

  • Introduce yer’self to a Cast Member with a pin trading lanyard.
  • Find the Disney pin you’ve been lookin’ for.
  • Trade one of yours for a great new pin!

To safe yourself some money while pin trading, follow these steps:

  • First you will need to purchase Disney pins.  These pins do not necessarily need to be the ones that are your favorites since the goal is to ultimately trade the pins! You can choose to get the pins once you get to the Disney parks. However, the pins purchased then will be about $7 – $10 per pin if individual pins are purchased or about $20 for multipacks of pins. However, if you purchase your pins here, you can get 25 pins for only $11!
  • Get a lanyard so the kids can easily access the pins they are wanting to trade.  There are a wide variety of lanyards available.  Styles include everything from Disney Princesses to Mickey Mouse.  Again, prepurchasing these items before your vacation will save you plenty!  Here is a link to lanyards that cost around $4 – $8.
  • Arrange the pins on your lanyard.  Your child may like to arrange the pins in a certain order such as this section of the lanyard is for pins for keeps, the other section is for trading, etc.
  • Meet up with Cast Members on Disney property and request to see their pins.  If the child likes the pin, they will request a trade.  The Cast Member does not request specific pins from the person they are trading with so the child can give them whichever pin they least like!
  • If in the parks, visit Guest Services.  Head to the counter and request to see the pin trading book.  If there are any pins there the child would like to trade for, there is no cost to trade there either!
  • Within each park and in Downtown Disney, look for the store that specializes in selling pins.  There you will find a special board which holds many pins you can trade for.  Here is a photo of Duffy who is ready to trade pins with you over at the Magic Kingdom in the Frontierland Trading Post:
Duffy in Magic Kingdom Pin Trade

Duffy in Magic Kingdom Pin Trade

Most importantly, have fun!


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