Haunted Mansion Murder Mystery Riddle

So many of the attractions in the Magic Kingdom have hidden extra details often not noticed by those who are standing in the queue.  One of the most loved attractions in the Magic Kingdom is the Haunted Mansion.  On your next visit to the Haunted Mansion, be sure to notice the Haunted Mansion riddle found right at the first of the interactive queue.

As you head in the queue, look to the right at the 5 busts:

Haunted Mansion Riddle Match Sticks

Haunted Mansion Riddle

Below each of the busts, you will notice a plaque that gives a small poem.  Each poem includes clues as to how each person died at the hands of one of the other people featured in a bust.  Above each of the poems is a small figure of the murder weapon that busted person used to murder one of the other busted persons.  To figure out who murdered who and who was left still alive, you must read through all of the clues found in each of the poems and murder weapons. Here are each of the poems and murder weapons found on each plaque:

Haunted Mansion Riddle6

Haunted Mansion Riddle Bertie

Bertie’s plaque reads, “Avid hunter and expert shot.  In the end, that is what he got.”

Haunted Mansion Riddle2

Haunted Mansion Riddle Aunt Florence

Aunt Florence plaque reads, “Never did a dishonorable deed.  Yet found face down in canary seed.”

Haunted Mansion Riddle5

Haunted Mansion Riddle Uncle Jacob

Uncle Jacob’s plaque states, “Greed was the poison he had swallowed. He went first, the others followed.  His killer’s face he surely knew.  Now try to discover who killed him.”

Haunted Mansion Riddle3

Haunted Mansion Riddle The Twins

The Twins’ plaque reads, “Departed this world in their beds.  With identical bumbs on identical beds.”

Haunted Mansion Riddle4

Haunted Mansion Riddle Cousin Maude

Cousin Maude’s plaque reads, “Our sleeping beauty who never woke.  The night her dreams went up in smoke.”

Haunted Mansion Riddle7

Haunted Mansion Riddle Match Sticks

Did you figure out the riddle and the reason for the Match Stick photo?

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