Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure Coming Soon

Universal Studios Orlando took out the Dueling Dragons attraction and promised to bring in a new Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction.  Coming in June 2019, Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure will replace the Dueling Dragons. 

Hagrid’s ride will allow students (four feet tall and taller) to join his Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures class and ride magical motorbikes to the mysterious Forbidden Forest, where they will experience the world beyond Hogwarts Castle, according to Universal. They’ll also spot some of magical creatures who live there, including a centaur; a swarm of Cornish pixies; Fluffy, the three-headed dog; and a creature that was never spotted in the films.

During a recent visit to Universal Studios Orlando theme park, I took these photos of the progress of the attraction. 

Go ahead

Go ahead and start planning now so you can experience this new attraction when it opens this summer!

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