Great Ways to Use your Camera While in Disney

While many people choose to use Disney’s PhotoPass services, there are many reasons to bring along your own camera to better commemorate your vacation.  What you need to do first is decide on the best camera for you, then take advantage of these great ways to use your camera while in Disney:

  1. Get the Disney PhotoPass photographers to take your photo in the best locations all over the theme parks.
  2. Get photos of you and your travel partners in locations Disney photographers are not working.  For instance, you can get photos of your favorite queue or of your child enjoying a show (mind your flash so you do not bother others.)
  3. Take a photo of your parking location so you do not have to attempt to remember where you parked after a long day in the parks.
  4. Take a photo of your child at the beginning of the day.  Be sure to get a shot of your child top to bottom in case you do get separated.  Having the photo would make it much easier to find the child.
  5. Take photos of your favorite souvenirs.  Many cannot afford to buy all of the souvenirs they want during a vacation.  However, you might be able to afford one that you like best.  Reviewing the photos a day or 2 before the end of the trip may help you decide which item you want most.
  6. Take a photo of your Disney theme park tickets in case you lose them.  Disney can use the codes found on the back of the tickets to reprint your theme park tickets.
  7. Using a camera rather than a cellphone for taking photos.  This will help the battery life in your cellphone.

To check out a wide variety of cameras to help you with taking advantage of these points, click here.  If you insist on taking as great of photos as Disney takes, read here.

Please comment with any additions you have to this list.

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