Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros Update

In Epcot, you will find an updated version of the Grand Fiesta Tour where you will help the Three Caballeros find Donald Duck in time for the grand musical concert in Mexico City.  This attraction has recently been updated to include the Three Caballeros as animatronics at the end of the attraction.  Previously, the location for the animatronics was a film which also stared those Three.

Here is what the update looks like:

Three Caballeros Update to Animatronics

When you go, be sure to look for the hidden Mickey that can be found right before you see the Three Caballeros:



The Mickey is found there in that front right corner created by 3 drums.  For more on finding Hidden Mickeys, you should grab a copy of this Hidden Mickeys book for the Disney World theme parks.  The book is the latest version and adds loads of fun to any visit!

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