Gluten Free Desserts By Disney

So I was going to write a Disney inspired recipe for you today however, after a fun-filled trip with my family to Disneyland yesterday in this Crazy Holiday Season.   I have decided to share some of my fabulous dessert finds from my visit to Disneyland. Some of them were gluten-free and if your interested in more  gluten-free options stop by my sight Cooking Underwriter. 

The first Dessert is a standard Mickey Ice Cream Bar these are gluten Free and very yummy. However, you need to eat it quick before it Melts all over you.

The next Dessert was a surprise find at the Story Tellers Cafe at Disney’s California Grand Hotel. We had walked in after a long day in Disney’s California Adventure park and wanted to have a sweet treat instead of dinner. Chris at the hostess desk and his Manager were so sweet and told us they just had a gluten-free event earlier in the day and had 4 cupcakes left.

If we were interested, they could serve this with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream. As you can see Miss J ate all of the icing off first. Who wouldn’t sure looked yummy!

The next Dessert is not a gluten-free dessert but it sure did sound and look amazing it was a peach apple cobbler with a scoop of ice cream on top and some fabulous caramel sauce. I think I will have to try making this at home sounds amazing and with my gluten-free topping it would be even better.

The last dessert was simply Devine! It was a Gluten Free Brownie that had been heated up with a cream anglaise surrounding it and a Chocolate and Caramel Sauce with a scoop of ice cream. Oh My goodness it was one of the most decadent and fabulous desserts I have had.

I hope your next visit is as delicious as my visit to Disneyland was.  Enjoy and I hope your having a sweet 2012 just like we are.   Happy New Year!

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