Getting GREAT Ride Photos in Disney World

Getting your photo taken during a vacation is among one of the best ways to commemorate your vacation.  When visiting Disney, you will find that many of the attractions feature photos of you as you ride. Typically the photos are taken during the peak of the attraction’s excitement. Posing for the photos can be a lot of fun too if you know where to find the cameras.  To help out, here are a few of the attraction photo spots and the location of the camera:

1. EPCOT – Spaceship Earth – At the beginning of the ascent, guests are requested to look up and to the right at the camera. The photo is used later to help the guest enjoy their future! You are also invited to email the photo to yourself following the ride.

2. Magic Kingdom – Splash Mountain – Photos are taken of guests as they plunge down over the waterfall down to the brier-brimmed pool. Some have been known to show their over excitement and expose more than Disney is interested in guests seeing. In fact, some have nicknamed the ride Flash Mountain!

3. Magic Kingdom – Space Mountain – Your photo is taken as you leave the initial room of lights and turn towards the main room where you make you ascent. Look into the curve and up for the best photo!

4. Animal Kingdom – Expedition Everest – Guests photos are made during their decent of Everest after being greeted by the Yeti (non-moving) animatronic.

5. Hollywood Studios – Rock ‘n Roller Coaster – Think fast for the best photo which is taken by a camera mounted to the left of guests as their limo takes off at from 0 mph to 60 in 2.8 seconds!

6.  Animal Kingdom – Dinosaur – Guests on this ride are in for excitement from the beginning of the ride until the bitter end.  Riders learn about many different types of dinosaurs during the ride before the more aggressive ones begin to take over.  Right when guests believe they are safe, they meet the last dinosaur of the ride.  A flash of light and the guests crazy screams and wide eyes are documented by camera.

These are just a few of the camera locations for the attractions at Walt Disney World. As you can see from the photos, posing for them can be great fun.  Feel free to email your crazy attraction photo for display to Natalie (at)

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