Get your Disney tickets before the price increases again!

Prices for Disney World theme park tickets are expected to rise by month’s end. In the past two years, the prices have increased in February.  Here are the past increases details of the cost of a one day ticket:

February 2014 – Magic Kingdom $99, Other Parks $94

February 2015 – Magic Kingdom $105, Other Parks $97

If you will be traveling to the theme parks for three or more days, you would benefit from buying a multiple-day ticket before traveling.  Here are examples of the costs of base tickets (these tickets allow you one park visit per day) from Best of Orlando:

Disney Gate Price Best of Orlando Savings
# of Days Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
3 Day 292.88 272.64 272 254 20.88 18.64
5 Day 335.48 314.18 299 279 36.48 35.18
6 Day 346.13 324.83 311 297 35.13 27.83
7 Day 356.78 335.48 322 299 34.78 36.48
10 Day 388.73 367.43 349 329 39.73 38.43


This is a great way to save yourself some money on your tickets and save you time once you get to the parks since you will not need to stand in the line to purchase your tickets after arriving!  Check out Best of Orlando and get the tickets before the price increases!

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